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Train Smart - Smart Train

Not even a snow day (or a snow season) can keep you off the bike anymore. With an indoor smart trainer, now you can tune out the cold and crank your pedals all year long. At Mike’s Team Active Bikes we carry both standard and smart trainers. For those looking for something simple and cost effective, a standard trainer will carry your fun and fitness. For those looking for performance-geared riding or a more interactive experience, a smart trainer is here for you. We carry industry leading products including TACX and WAHOO, the of choice for elite and professional riders around the world for their ingenuity and performance enhancing experience. Here are just a handful of reasons why those who look to train smart should smart train.

cyclist on a smart trainer with a training video


Smart trainers use bluetooth and ANT technologies allowing you to connect your phone, laptop, tablet or smart TV and immerse in the virtual world of cycling. Apps like Rouvy, Zwift and TrainerRoad are among the most popular, and thanks to connectivity features, your smart trainer will be compatible to keep up with technologies that come next. 

Wahoo Kickr trainer


Getting dialed-in feedback displayed on your device screen, your smart trainer provides a controlled environment with precise data, allowing you to take your training to the next level. By training smart, your device will control the resistance based on what the virtual terrain, giving the true-to-ride feel of the outdoors. 

cyclist on a tacx trainer


With a smart trainer, there is no shortage of races, workouts and courses to use through the apps. Unlimited workouts are available all through one device with a smart trainer. 

cyclist riding on a Wahoo trainer


At Mike’s Team Active Bikes we will fulfill all your trainer needs. From choosing the best option for you to courtesy home delivery and installment, all you have to do is put in the miles and we will put in the work. 

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