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We Partnered with DuVine to Bring You Amazing International Bike Tours!

The world truly is open for you to explore, with DuVine there to make it easy. Come down to Mike’s Team Active Bikes for help setting up your DuVine biking tour today!

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cyclist in front of a mountain range

Adventure Tours

Want to add a great twist to your next international vacation? Do you enjoy cycling at home, and want to take your experience to a new level? Do you just want a great excuse to take a tour in another country? DuVine makes doing all of that simple, and you get do it with the breeze at your back and the sun on your face on a bicycle! Named World’s Best Tour Operators in 2017 and 2018 by Travel + Leisure, they promise the best possible experience at any of their tour destinations, so book today from Team Active!

Dolomites Bike + Adventure Tours
road cyclist riding in a historic village

Classic Tours

DuVine offers carefully organized biking tours all over Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the United States – 85 locations in all. They offer tours typically lasting anywhere from 4-8 days, handling all the logistics for you from the time you step off the plane. Accommodations, meals, biking gear, planned activities, and vehicle transportation (where needed!) are all handled in the trip fee, no need to open your wallet on your vacation at all! Tours are offered in four difficulty levels, from casual to intense, and can be family oriented, adventure oriented, or simply one of their well-crafted classic tours. Want to take a casual four-day vacation through Burgundy, France? Or a week-long expedition through the Alps? DuVine offers you these options and many more!

Classic Tours
resorts on the coast of Croatia

Croatia Tours

Travelling through a foreign country can be hard to do alone, though, especially by cycling. That’s why DuVine runs every biking tour under the direction of a vetted guide. You’ll feel as at-home as you would in your home town with a DuVine tour guide, since each one is a native of their locale, a friend to you, and the key to making your next vacation an unforgettable experience. They also offer all the familiar tour company essentials, including travel protection for you and your belongings, transportation assistance covering everything from rental cars to train travel, and a real, human coordinator to help you plan your vacation.

Croatia Bike Tours
road cyclist looking into a river valley

Challenge Tours

Test your mettle on legendary cycling routes around the world where the climb is king. Designed with performance cyclists in mind, support includes top-of-the-line bikes, rejuvenating meals, and the expertise of pro cyclist guides who are the best in the business. Our Classic Challenge tours ratchet up the intensity in some of our favorite destinations, Race series rides are dictated by iconic races like the TDF and the Strade Bianche, and our epic Journey tours conquer mythical routes from point to point.

Challenge Tours

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