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Your Guide to Bike Sizing 

Did you know that bikes come in different sizes? It can be especially hard to figure out what size you are when you are sifting through recommendation after recommendation from bike forums, your crazy uncle Bob who's been cycling for ages, and bike brands. That's why we're here! We are here to help you find your dream bike with a dream fit that will have you riding for the rest of your life! Below you'll find our tips and tricks to get the right fit and get you on the trails!

Let's start with height

The most basic way to determine bike size is by starting with your height. Let's say you are 5'10, you're looking for a mountain or recreational bike, and you just don't know where to start! All we've gotta do is take a look at our chart and match your height with the right color box! Easy! So, if we're 5'10" we will most likely be a size LARGE. Please note that this is the most basic way for us to size you appropriately. There are several other factors we'll want to explore to make sure you are 100% on the right bike!

Why your torso matters

As bikes get bigger, their reach gets LONGER. This means the bigger the bike, the further away your handlebars are. For folks with shorter torsos and longer legs, like Jill to your left, we recommend sizing down. For folks with longer torsos and shorter legs, like Jack, we recommend sizing up. You might be thinking to yourself "But what about the seat?? Won't that be all funky since we're sizing up and down?" Not at all my friends! We can always change the position and height of your seat to fit your body! All in all, your torso plays a huge role in getting you a bike that fits!

Remember, if you have any questions, we are here to help! Any one of our amazing staff will be able to size you properly, help you find the bike of your dreams, and get you back on the trails!