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Demo Bikes

Demo Terms & New Bike Sales
You will be charged in full at the time of your demo. Up to 2 days of your rental fees may be applied toward purchase of a new bike within 30 days of your rental!

Late Demo Returns
Any demo bikes returned after the completion of your demo time without notice will result in a late fee of $150 per bike. If you want to extend your demo, just give us a call. We’re reasonable, you’re reasonable, just let us know. 

Damage Coverage
We offer a $50 per bike damage policy covering up to $150 in bike damage. Anything beyond that, or any amount of damage if you decline coverage, is the responsibility of the rider and must be paid in full upon the return of the demo bike. The $50 damage policy does not include stolen bikes. If a demo bike is stolen, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay for the original cost of the bike plus any accessories that were on the bike that was stolen.

Bike demos are first come first serve. Come in and reserve your demo bike today!