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mountain bike

Mountain Bikes

If the mountain bike were a car, it would be an off-road rig like a truck.

If you have a passion for the woods, don't mind dirt on your tires, or need a sturdy and capable ride, a mountain bike may be for you. Mountain bikes are great for exploring woodsy terrain on one of Michigan's 800 bike trails. 

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road bike


If the road bike were a car, it would be a fast and furious racing machine.

If you have a need for speed, are interested in group rides, or putting over an hour in the saddle, a road bike might be for you. Road bikes are great triathlons and fitness riders who want to become cyclists. 


If the e-bike were a car, it would be your luxury car with turbo acceleration.

If you are looking for help on the hills, or want an equalizer to ride with he people you love, or need an excellent commuter, the e-bike might be for you. E-bikes make great rides for everyone who loves to play. 

Mid-Fat Bikes

If the fat bike were a car, it would be the truck with 4x4 capability and an  off-road package.

With wider than traditional tires, this bike is a midwest staple for anyone looking to roll all year. Mid-fat bikes, with medium width tires are the most popular in the category, where increased traction makes gains without cutting deep into speed on the trails. 

fitness hybrid bike

Fitness/Hybrid Bikes

If the fitness bike were a car, it would be a capable crossover, with features that support many riding styles.

With a straight handlebar and slightly wider tire than a road bike, the hybrid is great for commuting or recreational fitness. Whether you're cruising through the neighborhood or pulling kids in the trailer, hybrids make a great and versatile bike for every occasion.

gravel bike

Gravel Bikes

 If the gravel bike were a car, it would be a sporty and compact crossover with off-road capabilities. 

The gravel bike is for cyclists who love adventures and don't mind getting off the beaten path for some gritty gravel. The gravel bike has dominated the road bike category recently, for its endurance geometry and comfortable ride ability on rough michigan roads.

fat bike

Fat Bikes

If the fat bike were a car, it would be a monster truck, equipped with lift kit and massive tires to roll over everything. 

A part of the mountain bike family, the fat bike is the set up for riding 365 days a year. If you're looking for a trot through the snow, a fun dozer for any trail, or a novelty rig to add to the fleet, consider getting a fat bike to round out the collection.

comfort cruiser bike

Cruiser Bikes

If the cruiser bike were a car, it would be have leather heated seats and power steering.

Cruisers are the ultimate comfort rides. Picture yourself rolling on the beach or around the neighborhood, sitting up and pedaling easy. Cruisers are made to be accessible, with many options with "step through" frames, great for riders with mobility limitations.

Kid’s Bikes

It is the ultimate recreation machine. The best way to make life-long riders is to start riding young.

We offer a selection of kids bikes including striders, 12", 16", 20", and 24" bikes for riders of every age. We will work with you to size your child and instill excitement and confidence so they get the right fit for them and set them up for a life-long love for bikes so they continue to play at any age.

Contact us to find the right bike for the way you ride.

Nervous to Take the Plunge?

At Mike's, we know finding the right bike can be a big commitment. For that reason, we offer test rides on our indoor bike track and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't love your bike after your first few rides, we will get you a full refund or the right bike. That is the Team Active difference.